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Networks Supporting Future Applications

Panel Chair:

Frank Fitzek
Professor Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Denmark

This panel will address some fundamental questions about the future of networks and their ability to support future applications.
Communication networks have been tuned to deliver higher data rates, but the future is to deliver intelligent services. The monetisation will change from bit tubes to service providers. This idea together with mobile cloud ideas, where users are forming time limited network, will be presented and discussed.


Date Time Location
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 11:00 – 13:00 Congress Centre


Frank Fitzek
Professor Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Denmark


Siavash Alamouti
Director, Vodafone R&D, UK

Title: Network of the future: some challenges ahead
Abstract: This presentation is a radio and access-centric view of the challenges for the future networks. The talk will cover the multi band radio and device RF performance dilemma. Later in the talk the research challenge is presented.


Markus Hofmann
Head of Bell Labs Research, Alcatel-Lucent, USA

Title: Clouds without Data Centers
Abstract: Today, computing clouds are remarkably similar. Nearly all are built from a few centralized data centers accessed by high-bandwidth network connections. Scalability is achieved by growing these few data centers in size. The "Big Iron" approach. Tomorrow, computing clouds will be more diverse. They will be more distributed. They will be built from intelligently managed collections of heterogeneous resources, which will vary greatly in size and will be accessed through similarly varied network connections. Some initial steps towards this future have been taken. A few network service providers are using their central offices as distributed components for computing clouds. Some applications already make use of computing and storage resources on customer premises. As more demanding applications - such as media-rich applications or time-sensitive telco functions - move into clouds, this trend towards greater distribution will grow.


Lauri Oksanen
Head of Research and Technology, Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland

Title: Flexible networks for superior efficiency and user experience
Abstract: Key requirements for future networks will be discussed. Examples are traffic and user experience management capability and security. Then we will present basic architecture and technologies to fulfill the requirements. We will also touch on the relationship of cloud computing and connectivity.


Bill McHale
CEO, Actix, UK

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